I’ve been keeping an eye out for different helmets – especially those that have integrated audio. I think the helmets on offer from Bern have some pretty nice styling, not to mention good options when it comes to headphone attachments.

I haven’t tried one or, or even seen one in the flesh (yet) so I can’t comment on how they feel. But, if you’re in the market for a helmet I think they’re worth a look… I kinda those with a peak!

Update: since coming on the scene around 5 years ago, Bern helmets have come a long way. They’ve got a strong range for both men and women, they’ve still got good audio options, you can add on updgrade knitted inserts and even soft, summer visors for your helmet. I crashed pretty hard trying an alley-oop and the helmet did the trick.

I think the reason that they’re successful is that they continue to produce good designs, that riders like. For many people, the look of a helmet can deter them from wearing one. Bern score really well here, solid styles and each model has loads of different colour options, that’s why people choose them.

Dogfunk has a good selection of Bern lids, including the updgrades and accessories that Bern do. If you’re looking for a helmet, check out the article: Should you wear a snowboarding helmet? – there’s good debate there. If you’ve got a Bern helmet, or want one, why not drop a comment with your views. There’s also some information in the comments about the Brock/EPS materials. Cheers.

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