Just about every time I go riding, I’ve got an idea of something I want to work on; a lot of the time that’s some kind of trick. Over the summer just gone, I had a rather lengthy trick list, which unfortunately, was hardly dented at all. I guess I bit off more than I could chew.

I did make two tricks from that list, however. I landed a handful of clean backside 3s at the Chill FactorE, good enough to be proud of, but none were on film. I did record a sketchy effort, but you can’t even see the landing. I also nailed the shifty-shifty at Halifax. That one is on film, but be camera work isn’t great, the rider (me) is too small in the frame.

This film can be found in a recent, previous post.

So never mind about the lack of progress over the summer. I’m looking forward to Morzine, Avoriaz and the rest of the Portes Du Soleil. This time I’m gonna work with a more realistic list, just 3 tricks:

  • Backside 180 stalefish
  • Nose grab + any rotation except a frontside 180. Preferred options include fs 3 nose and bs 1 nose
  • Any 5. Feeling now is a backside 5, but we’ll have to wait and see

So what’s on your trick list? What are you working on this season?

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