A while ago, I wrote a review of “Go Snowboard” (Neil McNab), an instructional DVD and book, the crux being, I highly recommend it as an instructional source.

Along with that review, and this post, is a link to the product on Amazon. As an affiliate, I can see how many times “Go Snowboard” has been purchased via this site. It seems to be quite popular. In the last 12 months I’ve sold close to 50 copies (well, Amazon has sold them really). Still, that’s quite a lot, and it’s way more than any of the other products I’ve reviewed that are also on Amazon.

What I’m wondering is: if you bought the book from this site, what do you think? Do you think the review is accurate? Did I do a good job?

[If you’ve got it but didn’t buy it from here, feel free to comment anyway…]

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