is snowboarding bad for the environment?

Is Snowboarding Bad for the Environment? The Sad Truth

by Fraser

Snowboarding is a lot of fun. Plus, it offers riders a chance to connect with nature!

Many snowboarders therefore want to take care of the planet, allowing their children and grandchildren to enjoy snowboarding for themselves.

But is snowboarding bad for the environment?

Snowboarding is bad for the environment, especially at resorts. Snowboarding has environmental effects from the materials used to make the board, the wax you apply to maintain it, and the mountain you ride on. But there are ways to mitigate the harm snowboarding has on the planet.

This article will look at how snowboarding harms the environment and what you can do to decrease the negative impact of your snowboarding. Read on.

How Snowboarding Is Bad for the Environment

Most snowboarders enjoy the natural beauty whilst on the slopes. It’s certainly where I feel most “at one” with old mother nature. 

But as much as you might not want to admit it, your actions can impact the planet. Snowboarding has had harmful effects on the environment for many years, just like skiing. 

There are several reasons why it is detrimental to the world; these include: 

  • Resorts are often hard on their surroundings. One of the biggest reasons snowboarding is terrible for the environment is the effects that ski and snowboard resorts have on nature. From using a ton of electricity to producing fake snow, there are many reasons why resorts are bad for the planet.
  • The materials used to make snowboards are wasteful. For decades, snowboards were made using unsustainable practices. Companies made the boards from materials you couldn’t recycle and sometimes from limited resources. 
  • Clothing and gear end up in landfills. You might like to buy new goggles or gloves every season, and a lot of this gets thrown away as many materials are not reusable. 

Knowing this may have you asking whether there’s anything you can do to make snowboarding less harmful to the environment.

After all, we all want to be snowboarding for many more years to come!

The good news… there are some steps you can take to help the planet!

How To Make Snowboarding Less Harmful to the Environment

Snowboarding can cause lots of harm to the planet, but it doesn’t have to.

With some simple changes from you and the companies you support, there are ways that you can lessen the impact of snowboarding on the planet.

Let’s take a look at how we can make snowboarding more green:

  • Buy sustainable gear. More companies are taking action to produce supplies from sustainable materials. From your wax to your winter clothing, there’s plenty of equipment you can buy that’s more sustainable than ever before. 
  • Choose a snowboard from a company that cares. Many snowboard manufacturers are paying attention to what materials they design their boards from. Buy boards from people who care!    
  • Visit resorts that make efforts to change. Many resort owners realize their impact on the environment and are trying to make changes to be better. Try to visit lodges that are using solar power and reducing waste.
  • Don’t fly unless you have to. 57% of ski resort related emissions are secondary to skier transport! If you have the option, consider more sustainable travelling options.

Clean up after yourself!

Here’s a big one – and easy to do, too. Clean up after yourself. Leave your boarding spots better than you found them. Don’t throw trash or anything else on the ground.

Is Skiing Bad For The Environment?

I’m not just picking on snowboarding… unfortunately skiing is just as bad for the environment. 

In fact, it’s worse. It is pursued by millions more people and on a much greater scale than snowboarding. 

With decreased snowfall around the world, it’s never been more essential to work together to reduce our impact on the world. 


The ugly truth is that unfortunately, our love of snowboarding and the mountains is negatively impacting on the very things we love. 

To an extent, this is unavoidable. 

It is impossible to exist without leaving your own small (carbon) footprint on the world. 

However, by adopting sustainable snowboarding practices, you can minimize your impact and help safeguard the future of snowboarding. 

Incidentally, you’ll be happy to know that this site is also working on reducing our impact. We use eco-conscious brands, internet hosts and writers. We also invest heavily in sustainable alternatives. 

You can therefore keep browsing our snowboard articles guilt free!

Happy riding.

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