Torstein from DC Shred Days in France

by Fraser

It’s been quiet for a while around here. After getting back from Les Arcs in March, pushing back plans for indoor shred until a little later in the year, getting side-tracked with trying to sell my house, the season fading out… snowboarding has dropped off the radar.

In the background I’ve been sorting out the video that I’ve taken on the GoPro from this season. That’s always fun – and I continue to be impressed by the quality and use of that camera. I’m so pleased I bought it. But I haven’t actually started editing yet – haven’t put any clips together. I’ve picked out a few potential tracks, thrown the rubbish video in the bin, and got an idea of how I might put it together – but haven’t started yet.

While I mess around the ordeal of selling a house and finding somewhere else to live, I don’t want to lose sight of the shredding that I did this season. So to keep things ticking over I’ll post a few videos, to keep things fresh.

Check out Torstein from DC Shred Days in France. Smooth.

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