Tignes hosted the Protest Jib Vid Team Challange during the second week of our stay. The Jib Vid competition is an event where teams of three people are challanged to make a 90 second DVD. The teams have 1 day to do the filming and then 1 day to do the editing. At the end of it, all of the videos are shown and judged in a bar.

I thought the competition was well cool – although I must say that there’s as much effort spent on the theme/story/film side of things as there is on the riding… but then again I suppose that’s what the competition is about – that’s what makes it different.

I spent a lot of the filming day in the park/pipe so I got to see a lot of the action first hand. The organisers did a really good job of setting the park up nicely for the event (I should have took some photos – but you can see most of the stuff in the videos).

We all went along to the party to watch the videos, which turned out to be pretty tough becuase it was rammed with really tall people. You kinda had to resort to climbing into the best position possible…

Luckily though, all of the videos are available on the Jib Vid site. After playing all of the videos once, the judges picked out the top 5 and played those ones again. My favourite video was “Het Family”, I think they had the best style. I was also pretty shocked that “Whatever” didn’t make it into the top 5…

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