am i too tall for snowboarding

Am I Too Tall To Snowboard? Why Size Doesn’t Matter!

by Fraser

Snowboarding is arguably the best part of winter. It would certainly be a shame to miss out!

Unfortunately, many tall people worry that they can’t participate in a sport that requires top-level balancing. Have you ever wondered, am I too tall to snowboard?

You are not too tall for snowboarding, no-one is. Nonetheless, your height does influence the length of your snowboard. If you are interested in snowboarding, don’t just start with any snowboard; acquire one that corresponds with your height. 

This article discusses the importance of considering your height when acquiring a snowboard.

How Height Influences Snowboarding 

Admittedly, snowboarding is one of the few sports where being short is actually an advantage (a rare win for me). 

A low centre of gravity makes it easier to turn sharply without overbalancing. It’s also shown to be beneficial for inverts.

You may have noticed that most high level pro snowboarders are on the… shorter side.

But does this mean tall snowboarders are doomed to mediocrity?


The Tallest Pro Snowboarders

These are some of the best snowboarders on the planet… and they’re pretty tall. No excuses!

  • Aaron Biitner – 6′ 0
  • Sebbe De Buck – 6′ 3
  • Scotty Lago 6′ 1
  • Andreas Wiig 6′ 1
  • Bode Merrill 6′ 2
  • Mikkel Bang 6′ 2

You can also see some of the taller pro snowboarder stances here.

Being Tall In Snowboarding

Many snowboarders aim to achieve advanced or expert level snowboarding. Sadly, tall riders are often concerned that their height will limit their achievements.

This doesn’t need to be the case, but tall snowboarders should make sure their equipment matches their height (no innuendo intended). 

In general, tall people have wider stances than short people. Therefore, they balance better with longer-sized boards than with short ones. However, weight is also a vital factor to consider before settling on a snowboard.

A snowboard that is too firm for you will negatively affect your performance on the slopes, as you won’t be able to flex it enough. On the other hand, a soft snowboard will impede your snowboarding by compromising your stability.  

As a taller person, you’ll also want to make sure the board is long enough to provide adequate edge hold. 

Hence, finding a snowboard that matches your height and weight is crucial!

Choosing The Right Board For Your Height

Avoid the temptation to ride as short a board as possible!

Choose a board length in the middle of your suggested size range, you can always move up or down slightly as you progress. 

Sizing Your Board

Gone are the days where we decided on board size by simply holding it up to your chin. 

Weight is now known to be more important than height. 

The following chart will guide you in choosing the best snowboard depending on your height and weight:

Height (in) Height (cm) Weight (lbs) Snowboard Size (cm)
4'10" 147 110-120 (49-54 kg) 128-136
5' 152 115-130 (52-58 kg) 133-141
5'2" 158 125-135 (56-61 kg) 139-147
5'4" 163 135-145 (61-65 kg) 144-152
5'6" 168 140-155 (63-70 kg) 149-157
5'8" 173 150-165 (68-74 kg) 154-162
5'10" 178 160-175 (72-79 kg) 159-167
6' 183 170-185 (77-83 kg) 160+
6'2" 188 180-195 (81-88 kg) 162+
6'4" 193 190-205 (86-92 kg) 162+

You’ll notice that after a certain size, the recommended lengths include an “+”. This is because riders of this size do really need to figure out their own personal preference. 

Snowboards go up to much bigger lengths (this one is 203cm long!). However when you get up to these lengths, the agility and snappiness of the board will start to suffer. 

Trying to flex a 203cm snowboard around a narrow mogul field would be pretty darn tricky!

In Conclusion

No, you are not too tall to snowboard! However, you are at a slight disadvantage compared to us short guys. Adapt your style accordingly!

Now, why not check out these amazing resorts in Japan. The powder is shoulder deep, even for you! 

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