Now that I’ve done all of my riding for this season on real mountains, I’m starting to think about riding here, in the US.

Historically, I’ve done just about all of my homeland riding at Xscape Castleford, on the indoor slope. I say just about, because I have ridden on a nearby dendex slope a handful of times.

What I’ve never done is ride snowflex. Snowflex is definitely a target for this off-season. Ideally I’d like to ride it regularly, but in the least, I’d like to try it out a couple of times. The slope at Halifax is well known for having a good kicker, and that’s where I’d like to start. Of course, snowboarders do other things in summer. But I’d like to get the next season off to a good start if possible.

I also plan to continue riding at Castleford, and I’d like to make use of the airbag sessions that they have lined up. I’ve never hit an airbag before, but I’m guessing that it’s lots of fun.

So my aim is to ride somewhere between 2 and 4 times each month, and it would be nice if one of those sessions was a snowflex session. To help me in this goal, I’ve decided to start some kind of shred counter; a simple record of how many days I go riding between now and next season.

If all goes to plan, I should be off to a good start. I’m gonna be hooking up with Martin tomorrow at Halifax for my first taste of snowflex, and then tomorrow evening we’re gonna ride at Castleford and try out the airbag. The intention, maybe not tomorrow but in the future, is to take some photos and video throughout the summer. Let’s see how well I keep it up…

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