So I got my first taste of snowflex at the weekend and I’ve got to say I really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be riding at Halifax again. On a side note, my new goggles performed great too!

In fact the whole of Saturday was great; really busy, but great. First off was the drive down to Halifax, then a couple of hours riding on the snowflex, over to Castleford for the airbag night, and finally a late night drive home.

There were two firsts in there for me, so here’s a little bit of info about each:

The Halifax Slope

I opted to pay for flexi hours on the slope, which seems to be a really good idea. Basically you get a card with some credit on it, and then swipe in and out as you please.

Two hours of credit costs $18; but at the time there was a deal giving you £35 credit for £25, which is what I went for. There’s more information on the website.

Airbag Night at Cas’

The airbag night at Castleford was an extra freestyle session, in addition to the regular Thursday and Friday freestyle nights. So as well as the airbag itself, there was a collection of rails and boxes too.

Time on the airbag was separated out into four, fourty-five minute slots. Each slot was limited to eight people and you needed to book yourself in. The cost of a booking was $8, but this did not include your time on the slope. That is, you need to cover your time on the airbag with paid-for time on the slope.

The guy marshalling at the top did a pretty good job of checking tickets for the airbag; but invariably there were people sneaking on which added to the waiting a little. Someone called it air-blagging 🙂

Video from the day and thoughts on riding snowflex to come…

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