Having a birthday in early January allows for some Christmas/birthday combined-presents. As a result, Santa delivered some pretty nice snowboarding gifts this year; thanks! And the timing is really handy too. With Fernie just around the corner, I think the new gear that I was hoping to take has all been sorted out.

In my stocking I found some new snowboarding pants, with accompanying tool belt, a helmet cam, a backpack, some (much needed) socks, an avalanche beacon and an avalanche probe. The transceiver was kind of a present to myself, but hey 🙂

There are a couple of things that I’d like to try out before we go. First, I’d like to get some practice in with the beacon, get a little familiar with it. I’d also like to try using the helmet cam a few times, to try and find a consistent way of setting it up so that it’s pointing in the right direction. I’ll probably hop on the skateboard for this… There’s also the actual attachment to the helmet itself that I’d like to get as solid as possible – I hope to get a chance to post some pictures showing this.

Perhaps the coolest thing though is the 686 tool belt. I’ve been wanting one of these suckers for a while now, and it was bundled with the pants. You’ll never forget the screwdriver… Sweet!

So that’s the list wrapped up. All I need to do now is go snowboarding.

  • Pants
  • Backpack
  • Transceiver (& probe)
  • Helmet cam

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