It was snowing in Newcastle today. Amazing. There was snow on the ground when I woke this morning, and it actually continued to settle, on and off, throughout the day. I headed out at lunch time and was caught in some pretty heavy snow/hail stones… walking through the slushy snow in the streets got me pretty stoked!

That said, it was all rain by mid-afternoon, and the reality is that this light dusting is nothing in comparison to the large amounts of snow falling in resorts all around the world, Fernie included.

With the reports showing that the snow continues to fall, I’m hoping that nothing changes! So, in an attempt to help keep the white stuff coming, I’m appealing to Fernie’s Powder King, Griz, with an offering. I’m growing a beard.

view from office window

Spurred on by my friends, the idea is to grow something grizzly, in honour of the great Griz himself. The unfortunate truth however, is that even at the age of 27, soon to be 28, it’s not that impressive. Still, it’s early days yet, and if the Griz stops bringing the good stuff, I can alway sacrifice the facial hair to win back his favour 🙂

On a completely different note, the lunch time outing led to the cheeky purchase of Almost’s Cheese and Crackers. Even if you don’t particularly like skateboarding it’s worth watching because the mini-ramp action is pretty amazing. It’s a short DVD, but it’s fairly cheap at £7.50… if you don’t want to buy it (boo!), there are plenty of clips on youtube.

a snack size mini ramp video

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