I’m pretty well rested after the Christmas break. Normally I would work over this period, choosing to keep the days for something else, namely snowboarding. But not this year; the rules where I work mean that everyone is off between Christmas and New Year.

It’s been nice. Despite the enviable snow reports, the Christmas break also had the benefit of distracting me from the count down to Fernie. Compared with being at work, the days go much quicker when you’re whiling the hours away eating, drinking and opening new snowboard toys.

Mind, there has been one, more grounded thought churning away over the last few days. Is all of our luggage going to fit?

I’m talking about the journey from the North East to Manchester airport. There are five of us in total, four starting out from Newcastle/Gateshead and one being collected in Huddersfield. Two cars, five people, five board bags.

With four people in one car and a driver plus the boards in the other, it should work out fine… But then again, 3 of the bags are pretty big, which could make it all a little tight.

I performed a quick test, mainly just to see if a long board bag (185cm) would fit, but also to give an idea of how much room there’s going to be overall. I could have rounded up a few more bags and filled them up, but that seemed like a little too much work given that it’s Christmas!

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