Morzine Round-Up: Days 8 – 14

by Fraser

I decided not to update the blog on a daily basis after the end of the first week, given there wasn’t much happening in the way of snowboarding (except the purchase of my new asymmetrical snowboard). This is quick round-up of how the rest of the trip went, and I want to mention a few things I’m gonna write about soon.

Saturday: my ankle was both sore and stiff after trying to ride the day before. I rested it, ice packed it, etc. Another day off. I think Ciara had mild concussion from a slam she took the day before also, she was ill on Friday night and generally feeling rubbish on Saturday…

I tried again on Sunday. Went up, took two runs and then came down again. My ankle simply wasn’t up to riding. In fact, when I got down I went to the doctors just to get it checked out. 70 euros, ouch. But I can claim that back. In fact, I think a visit to the doctor’s was necessary for the pending insurance claim.

Monday and Tuesday were used for resting the ankle. I finished a book, watched a bunch of films and met Ciara for either late lunch or a some drinks after she’d come down from the hill. The intention was to try riding for the last three days.

Wednesday was OK. I could ride around, but that was about it. Nothing fancy. I still didn’t feel I could aggressively use my edges, and freestyle was out of the question. Still, I just about managed a full day on the slopes, and it was really nice to get out with Ciara, given she’d spent much of the second week shredding alone. It was around this time I realised how bad the straps on the new bindings are. More of that later.

Unfortunately a full day on the hill made my ankle swell up. It was pretty painful on Thursday morning; there was no way I was going to snowboard. A full day of rest, keep it up, ice pack it, and go out for the last day…

And, Friday, Day 14 was pretty damn good! Ciara and I rode around in the morning, just blasting down runs. Two runs in particular were awesome; just following in Ciara’s tracks and then her doing the same. Much fun. In the afternoon I actually tried riding the park a little. Painful, but it was the last day, what are you going to do, right?

All in all, not the best snowboarding experience I’ve had 🙂 As well as missing out on the actual snowboarding, I kinda feel a bit sad that there wasn’t much to show and tell here. Writing about my snowboarding trips is the thing I enjoy most with this blog. I’d happily have simply followed Ciara around, taking photos and writing about what she was doing, but I needed to rest my ankle. I did at least do that for one day. I was also able to test a few of the best snowboards for trees. So not all was lost.

But these things happen, and we enjoyed just being there as well as relaxing, which isn’t something I normally do in the mountains (the relaxing part that is). Eating, drinking, too much eating and just having a holiday together. I’m not going to say I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself at times, because I was 🙂 But like I said, these things happen and besides, there’s no point in worrying about something you can’t change…

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