Out On The Piste

by Fraser

Thinking about hitting the bar before hitting the ski slopes? Well, it’s a risky business; as not only are you less likely to be fully in control, but also you’re unlikely to be able to claim on your travel insurance for accidents resulting from being three sheets to the wind.

In recent research carried out by Confused.com, it was revealed that 24 per cent of skiers admitted to swilling more than four units* of booze before taking to the mountain. As a result, one in four skiers are affected by inebriated people out on the slopes. What’s more, over 30 per cent of those polled erroneously believed that they’re covered by their winter sports insurance for accidents which occur after drinking.

Two groups were identified as being most likely to get sloshed before strapping on their skis – men, and those in the 31-35 age group. Thirty five per cent of chaps drink regularly and heavily whilst on ski holidays, and the same goes for over a quarter of 31-35 year olds.

This isn’t the smartest of ideas. All travel insurance policies contain an exclusion which will prevent policyholders from claiming for incidents which have arisen as a result of their own alcohol consumption. In short, too much indulgence in the après-ski can invalidate cover. Insurance providers are fully within their rights to decline claims involving alcohol, as it’s reasonable to assume adequate care was not taken. And it would appear that a significant proportion of those on skiing holidays are simply unaware of this risk.

Not only might an excess of sauce cause accidents, but those who’ve been on repeated skiing holidays have noticed an increase in aggression from inebriated skiers towards others on the slope. Our advice to those going on ski holidays is: if you must have a skinful, please at least be nice. Oh, and try not to have an accident.

*More than two pints or two glasses of wine.

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