is evol a good snowboard brand?

Is Evol a Good Snowboard Brand? [Major Update 2024]

by Fraser

There are so many brands around these days, it can be hard to keep track.

A lesser-known brand that you may have stumbled across is Evol. But is Evol a good snowboard brand?

Whilst Evol started as an excellent brand, they are no longer particularly well-rated. Their products have unfortunately failed to keep up with innovation. They are likely to cease manufacture by 2023. 

Let’s delve a little deeper. 

Alternatively, look for a better alternative in our list of top snowboard brands

The History of Evol

Evol is an American company that began its journey in the skateboarding and snowboarding industry in 1992.

The company was founded by snowboarders who sought to bring innovation and creativity to the market.

Evol’s founders believed that the snowboarding industry was growing too mainstream and corporate, leading them to establish a brand that emphasized individuality.

These days, Evol are better known for their skateboard gear. They’ve sadly failed to keep up with the innovation and marketing of the bigger brands in the industry. 

Update: The House snowboard store recently bought the Evol brand. As The House is now closing down, I suspect Evol will also cease to exist. I recommend jumping to our Evol alternatives

Evol's Snowboarding Products

Evol’s product lineup includes snowboards, bindings, and boots, catering to different snowboarding styles and rider preferences.

1. Snowboards

Evol is best known for its selection of snowboards. With boards designed for different terrains and rider skill levels, their snowboards are crafted to suit most riders. 

Some boards feature traditional camber while others use rocker or hybrid profiles to suit different riding styles and conditions.

Unfortunately, they now have a relatively small line-up. They also lack the edge-hold technology, innovative shapes and premium materials that most reputable brands are using these days. 

2. Bindings

Evol’s bindings were made with durability and comfort in mind. They certainly nailed the durability factors as some of their bindings are still in use today. 

Unfortunately, they are no longer producing new bindings (and I suspect very few people would buy them if they were). 

3. Boots

Their boots are designed for comfort and functionality, offering a secure fit and excellent support. With options for various stiffness ratings, riders can choose based on their preference for flexibility and control.

Update: I’m not sure whether Evol are still making snowboard boots. If you find some old ones and they happen to fit perfectly, go for it. But there are much better brands if you’re buying new. 

Price Range

Evol offers a wide range of products, most of which fall into the mid-range price bracket. They aimed to provide quality snowboarding gear at an affordable price, making the sport more accessible. 

Reputation and Quality

Sadly, Evol’s solid reputation has been tarnished over the past few years. They’re no longer able to keep up with the big boys in the industry. 


While Evol does not have a clear sustainability program outlined on their website, the company is known for its efforts to produce durable products that stand the test of time.

This in itself contributes to sustainability by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Better-Rated Alternatives

If it’s a snowboard you’re looking for, I’d recommend choosing from the official best all-mountain snowboards

If you’re looking for boots, my all-time favorite are the infamous DC Judges


So, is Evol a good snowboard brand?

Sadly, I can no longer recommend them. There are equally cheap brands that provide much more choice and much more quality. Nitro is a perfect example. 

If you’re really committed to using an Evol board, I’m sure it’ll ride just fine.

But you’ll want to upgrade to a more advanced option once you’re an intermediate or above. 

Happy riding! 

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