An indy nose poke. I’d like to work on adding a little more style to my riding. So I decided to start here, using a small kicker on the indoor slope at Castleford to try these out. Just a straight air – grabbing indy and boning the nose out a little. I think it just looks sweet when someone bones an air out, so I want some of the action…

To be honest, I think it might have helped if the kicker had been a little bigger. Not being familiar with boning the front leg out (or back leg for that matter) it kinda felt rushed: first getting the grab and then poking the nose down and to the right. No doubt someone more proficient could make it look smooth on a small air, but I think I made it look, well, rushed.

I think I was partly hampered by my bad back from a fall a few weeks ago. After much reluctance, I decided to pick up one of these spine protectors. A worthy investment indeed!

It was fun though. Man, I got a couple where the timing was good – held the grab, boned the front leg out and then put it all back in position ready for landing. Others were more sketchy. Sometimes I ended up ‘kicking’ the board out of my hand (rushed?); others I started to straighten the leg too hard before I had the grab and knocked my balance completely off (enter, one really nice face plant).

Still, I think I did enough though to get a ‘feel’ for the trick. A little more practice, maybe a different kicker and I should start to feel more comfortable.

While I’m on, I stumbled across a pretty decent set of trick definitions on I know some people aren’t bothered with the specific names of trikcs, but if you are interested, it’s pretty good. I’m kinda indifferent: it if looks nice, that’s normally enough for me. But if I’m learning a trick, I quite like to know its name. At least that way I can communicate what I’m trying to do. Either way, I compiled a list of some of the hardest tricks in snowboarding. Check it out.

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