Earlier this year in Tignes there was this bar that quite often played the same snowboarding film, around the same time during the day. Our group visited the bar, almost daily, so I ended up catching little snippets here and there, deciding that the film looked really good (most noticeably, some sweet jibbing from Jussi).

The problem was that I didn’t know what the film was called. I asked a couple of guys behind the bar, but they didn’t know; and I was never around when the film started to see the ‘menu’ screen. As we were leaving one day, I thought I caught the name in the end credits – but as it turns out now, the film was playing on VHS, not DVD, so it didn’t roll back around to the menu.

To cut a long and uninteresting story short, I’ve been wanting to get a copy of the film ever since. Remembering a “p”, “t”, “i”, “o” and maybe a “v”- I recently ordered “Positron”, by WhiteOut Films, only to find that it wasn’t the right film at all. Erm, didn’t you check the rider list? Yeah I know, Jussi isn’t in the film… I guess I figured he could have been in the “friends” section?!?

Well, thanks to some help on GoneBoarding, I’ve finally found that the film I really wanted was Optigrab, from Standard Film’s TB series. Sweet.

The DVD (also available on ‘video’) is currently en route from America (Action Sports DVD). I don’t know exaclty how long it will take to get here, but expect a review when it does. Encouraged by the comments on Snowboarding Forum, I’m expecting the rest of the film that I haven’t yet seen to be good!

Will it make the list of best snowboarding documentaries? We’ll see next week…

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