I bagged a free copy of Hungerpain’s Otium with the November issue of WhiteLines and this sucker won’t be featuring on eBay! It’s sitting nicely in my collection.

Bottom line: I really enjoyed watching it. There are some nice effects in there with the editting and the production of the DVD, and some good riding too.

In fact, it’s the riding level that’s most interesting to me when it comes to watching British snowboard films. For sure some of the tricks stand out as being below the level that’s seen consistently in the International films. But likewise, some of the tricks stand out as being worthy of an International snowboard film. More than once I was like: “that was massive” or “his style’s really sick”. It’s this range that makes our films seem feel current, fresh.

To me, the British riders have much more scope for progression, and that’s not meant as a criticism. Each year the riding gets better, and seeing people develop is great. Some of the moves that Chris Chatt is putting down on rails are excellent. James Thorne has some sick riding (again); effortless-style. I thought Nelson Pratt was going really big off the kickers with nice, compact style to boot; tight airs.

My favourite section was from Roland Morley-Brown. I was impressed by his smooth operation, but more than that – the variety of his shots. Park hits, some back country hits, urban ledges, rails, deep powder landings. Good stuff.

But Tom West closes it out with maybe the best move in the film: a sick frontside 10 melon… huge, smooth, tight grab and stomped. Two angles on it and the sound is great. He’s killing it in the park. Awesome finish to the DVD.

A lot of effort went into the production side of things and it shows. According the interview in WhiteLines, Pete Ellis spent two months working on the invisible boards part. Dedication. The soundtrack is pretty cool too with some original remixing and creative use of sound. I didn’t love every song, but hey…

When you consider that the Hungerpain crew probably has nothing close to the budget of international film crews; and given that the season produced pretty poor snow conditions, I think they’ve created a really good film.

Here’s the soundtrack for Otium:

  • Introduction: The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin’ (Instrumental)
  • Opening Montage: Directed, Edited and Composed by Phil Barber and Pete Ellis
  • Plumley: Ratatat – Seventeen Years (Remixed by Pete Ellis)
  • Wear and Evans: DJ Yoda – Playin’ Around (feat. Jungle Brothers)
  • Thorne, Purucker and Van Gassal: Contains samples of Incubus – Hidden Track after Calgone; Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Remixed by Pete Ellis)
  • Jackson and Newton: Ellen Allien and Apparat – Do Not Break (Remixed by Pete Ellis)
  • Pratt: Skibadee – Tika Toc
  • Friends Montage: Ed Enayat and Rich Simpson – Back in Black Remix
  • Harington: Reachout – Stimulation of Chaos (Instrumental)
  • Campbell and Revill: Akala – Stand Up
  • Invisible Boards: Coldcut – More Beats and Pieces (Remixed by Pete Ellis)
  • Chatt and Morley-Brown: Aphex Twin – Actium (Remixed by Pete Ellis); Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart
  • West: Nikkfurie De La Caution – The a la menthe
  • Credits: MCD; The Deckwrecka – Priceless

If you fancy listening along, this is how I listen to music while snowboarding.

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