How Fast Do Snowboarders Go On Average? Amateur vs Pro

by Fraser

Most snowboarders love to test the limits. Whether flying high in the air or screaming down a black diamond. This got me wondering… how fast do snowboarders go?

On average, snowboarders travel at around 25mph (40km/h). Most snowboarders will reach top speeds of between 20mph (32km/h) and 55mph (89km/h). Professional snowboarders can travel much faster, often exceeding 60mph (96km/h). The world record snowboarding speed is 126mph (203km/h).

This article will help explain the average snowboard speed, how much faster a pro can go, and what you need to know about traveling faster this season. 

How Fast Do Snowboarders Go?

I’ve given you the short answer above. Now let’s check out the specifics!

1. The Average Snowboard Speed For Amateurs

Ever straight-lined a hill from top to bottom? Feels pretty fast right? 

I decided to investigate the average snowboard speed and share my findings.

You might be surprised to know that the average snowboard speed for amateur riders is between 20mph and 30mph. This is of course dependent on ability and the steepness of the slope. Intermediate amateur riders can reach speeds of up to 55mph in short bursts.

This is pretty darn fast! But I know what you’re thinking – how does your own snowboarding speed compare to the average?

how fast do snowboarders go?

Things To Consider Before Testing Your Top Speed On A Snowboard

How fast you can go depends mainly on your level of skill and your mindset. However, remember that some things are out of your control.  

I personally wouldn’t recommend testing your top speeds. It’s addictive and pushes you to ride dangerously! 

If you do still decide to challenge yourself, keep in mind to:

  • Stay in control by staying slightly on edge
  • Make sure the run is not crowded
  • Remain balanced and centered over your snowboard as much as possible
  • Understand the conditions of the hill that you are riding on
  • Wear safety gear!

Here’s Kev from snowboard pro camp safely tracking his speed. Notice he’s on an empty run! 

2. Personal Insight: My Average Speed

I know I’ve discouraged you from testing your own speeds, but it’s time I came clean. I did test my own average snowboard speed before writing this article. But strictly for research purposes! 

My average speed was 28mph, with a top speed of around 59mph. 

I did things slightly differently though, using a method that I found to be much safer:

Test your speed simply by using a tracking app on your phone. Leave it running all day and ride naturally, then take a look at the end of the day. This reduces the psychological temptation to push it super hard on a single given run!

3. What Is The Average Speed For A Pro Snowboarder?

If you’ve watched slalom snowboarding or snowboard cross then you’ll know the insane speeds pro’s can reach!

While it’s possible to go over 100 miles an hour (160.93 kph) on a snowboard, this is not the top speed that most snowboarders will reach in their lifetime, and probably for a good reason! This even includes pros.

Going that fast requires perfectly scouted conditions that the average snowboarder doesn’t have. So, how fast can the average pro snowboarder go?

On a typical everyday run, most pro snowboarders travel at average speeds of 25 to 40mph (40.23 to 64.37 kph). These experienced snowboarders can exceed 55mph (88.51 kph), however rarely need to unless in a racing competition

It’s very hard to obtain a true average speed for pro snowboarders. Let me tell you why.

Why The Average Varies Between The Pros

It isn’t easy to quantify the average speed, but typically a snowboarder with sufficient skill and experience will average around 25 miles per hour (40.23 kph) without breaking a sweat. And they will easily top speeds of 40 miles per hour (64.37 kph) when challenging themselves.

However, some pro snowboarders will top speeds of 100mph, whilst others rarely break the 50mph mark.

This is due to the many different disciplines that a pro snowboarder may specialise in. 

Some of the most common types of snowboarding include:

Certain styles of snowboarding are clearly better at slower to moderate speeds. You don’t need to hit a rail at 60mph!

4. How Fast Can a Pro Snowboarder Bomb a Hill?

“Bombing” a hill usually refers to straight-lining, meaning you won’t be carving or turning at all. As a result your speeds will usually be higher. 

A pro snowboarder can usually bomb a hill at well over 55 mph (88.51 kph). However, most people would not recommend bombing a hill on a snowboard, even for a pro.

There are just too many potential hazards that could endanger you and other people on the mountain. When professional riders attempt to break new speed records, the mountain will always be emptied first. 

Here are a few things to think about when bombing a hill:

  • Ice patches are common on mountains and hills.
  • You may find exposed grass or rocks at certain times of the year.
  • People appear out of nowhere at popular snowboard resorts!

Think twice before bombing a hill!

5. What Is The World Record?

The fastest snowboard speed ever recorded is simply unbelievable.

So much so that it deserved it’s own article. Follow the link to check out the details (and the video evidence). 


Snowboarding is an extreme sport designed to be performed at high speeds. A snowboard can therefore go as fast as you are willing and able to take it.

Just remember the most important part… 

Being able to stop!

Make sure you’re riding within your ability and have brushed up on our learn to snowboard section before hitting the speed of sound!

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