fastest snowboard speed

The Fastest Snowboard Speed Ever Recorded Is Unbelievable!

by Fraser

My friend just told me about the current snowboard speed record. It’s so insane that I had to share it with you immediately. Keep reading to learn about the fastest snowboard speed ever…

The world record for the fastest snowboard speed was set by Jamie Barrow in 2022. He reached the staggering speed of 131.11 mph (211 km/h) whilst being towed by a vehicle. The fastest downhill snowboard speed is 126.31 mph (203 km/h). 

Shall we take a closer look at these impressive records, and maybe watch some footage?

The Fastest Snowboard Speed Achieved When Towed By A Vehicle

fastest snowboard speed

In February 2022, certifiable snowboarding maniac Jamie Barrow broke his own world record when he recorded a top speed of 131.11 mph on his snowboard. 

This insane speed was reached while being towed across a frozen lake by an audi e-tron. 

This solidified his place in the Guinness Book of Records for the fastest speed achieved on a snowboard towed by a vehicle. 

Unfortunately, the video is not yet available, but here’s a picture of Jamie achieving the fastest snowboard speed ever recorded.

fastest snowboard speed ever

I did a little research on Jamie and it turns out the British snowboarder has completed several other snowboarding stunts. 

Here’s a clip I found of him being towed by a plane at 125 km/h. It looks terrifying fun!

The Fastest Snowboard Speed Achieved Riding Downhill

Edmond Plawczyk broke the all-time snowboard speed world record in 2015 by topping out at an insane 126.3 miles per hour (203.26 km/h). He did this by straight-lining downhill whilst wearing an aerodynamic suit. 

Edmond is a French speed snowboarder and was 43-years old at the time of setting the record.

This incredible speed is of course much faster than the average snowboarder rides (as discussed here). 

While this speed is impressive, it’s probably not wise to attempt. Generally, if you’re hitting higher speeds than you reach in your car on the freeway, you might wanna calm down a little. 

Here’s a video of Edmond Plawczyk’s incredible run:

Many snowboarders had a issues with this record breaking attempt. 

You’ll notice that Edmond wore hard boots (like ski boots) and that his stance sort of creates the appearance of mono-skiing rather than snowboarding. 

Notably – this is the equipment commonly used when snowboard racing and it was therefore formally accepted into the record books.

Either way, it’s pretty darn impressive!

Final Thoughts

I hope you were as surprised by the fastest snowboard speed as I was!

Remember though, records are made to be broken. Who knows what speed someone is going to register next!

Now it’s time for you to speed (see what I did there) over to another blog post and keep reading.

Happy riding!

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