Are There Any Snowboard Only Resorts? Urgent Update ’23

by Fraser

Whilst most skiers have grown to love accept us, there are still some ski resorts that ban snowboarders. This got me thinking… are there any snowboard only resorts? 

There are currently no snowboard only ski resorts. The Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park (Illinois, USA) was the worlds first snowboard only snow-park. Unfortunately, this was recently closed down and has no plans to return. 

Let’s take a look at the legacy of this monumental snow-park. Alternatively, take a peak at the best places to snowboard in the world.

Why There Are No Snowboard Only Resorts

Snowboarders have never really wanted to exclude skiers. 

In fact, when snowboarding first became popular, the only thing snowboarder’s wanted was to ride in peace. 

Unfortunately, this sentiment was not shared by our angry two-planked friends. 

Many ski resorts fought to keep snowboarders off the mountain!

Because snowboarding was relatively young and had no financial backing, there was no real incentive to build a snowboard only resort. 

This left many snowboarders seeking a safe space to ride.

Luckily, one brave resort was there to help…

The Birth Of The Raging Buffalo Snowpark (1993)

Due to the above animosity, the owners of the Raging Buffalo Ski Area remodelled the terrain completely.

Whilst small and boasting only one drag lift, the area soon became known as the much loved Raging Buffalo Snowpark. The world’s first snowboarding-only snow-park was born.

I think it’s only fair to also count this as the first snowboard only resort.

snowboard only resort
The snowpark back in the day.

Providing a sanctuary for outcast snowboarders, the park soon developed a cult following. They held regular showdowns and events, including USASA approved snowboarding competitions. 

Before long, ski resorts all over the world began to accept snowboarders. 

Over the years the park was therefore used less and less… Becoming a forgotten hero in the fight for snowboarding equality. 

Final Thoughts

Snowboarders have generally taken the highroad. 

We happily shared the mountain with skiers, even when they didn’t want us there. 

As a result, there are no snowboard only resorts.

But we don’t need them! 

There are plenty of amazing snowboarding destinations to keep us occupied!

Happy riding.

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Joven February 23, 2023 - 3:58 am

Skiers are racist

Terrence October 28, 2023 - 5:00 am

Some of them still have this euro – ethnocentric persona and wish to live in their bubble….great you have your own resorts and we have our own…..

Just leave us dumb yanks riding on wakeboards – oversize water ski’s alone


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