Essentials Snowboarding Tips For Newbies

by Fraser

Snowboarding is one of the fastest growing sports across the world and can provide excitement for extreme sport junkies through to individuals looking for something a little different.

No matter your background, it is important to get appropriately prepared before hitting the snow for the first time. The first thing to think about is getting a board and the best advice is to try before you buy. The boards offer different features and come in different designs so take the time to get what you want and need.

Generally women’s boards are shorter than men’s so don’t get confused and if you are especially short, it may require trying out a few options to find out what is most comfortable.

The main formats are FreeRide, FreeStyle, Carve, and Speed Styles with the later aimed at skilled boarders. The type of use will determine which board will be most compatible. Many snowboarders have personally designed pictures and slogans crested on their boards. This can range from animals, graffiti or photos but protecting all equipment is important. Most items come with protective cases but if not, don’t travel without securing them in order to prevent breakage.

Snowboarding bindings and boots should be next on the agenda. They are widely available but it is essential to get sized correctly. Boots that are too big will make gaining your balance nearly impossible and result in injured ankles.

Staying Warm

Similar to that of skiing, warm but heat releasing clothing is the best option. Fleece jackets and waterproof trousers can be purchased from most retailers but professional winter sports suppliers are likely to guarantee the required quality. Winter goggles are required to prevent snow and cold conditions entering your eyes. Adjustable straps are supplied but make sure they fit correctly or the entire snowboarding experience can be ruined by rubbing pain or loose fittings that allow snow to get into your eyes. Warm gloves and hats should be part of the snowboarding attire. Again snug fitting is preferred due to high speeds and rapid turnings – they may be easy to lose! Further items such as rider plates and snowboarding wax can enhance the experience further for mountain snowboarding. When starting out, the more complex slopes and routes are not advised.


Snowboarding looks easy on television, but in reality it is a difficult art to master and seeking professional tutorage should not be ignored. Most resorts have onsite schools and personal classes at great rates. It is sensible to enquiry about local training centres or seek advice from friends that may have already had schooling. It is also prudent to research the general principles before attempting to snowboard. Information is now widely marketed across the Internet and shops.


As with learning any new skill, snowboarding will not happen overnight. Stick with it and the long-term pleasures will be significant. Remember you will fall over constantly and become frustrated at being attached to a board but like riding a bike it will come to you. So now you’re ready to go and practice on the slopes: in the Alps you can find some of the best resorts only a short distance from Geneva Airport.

Happy Snowboarding!

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