is legit?

Is Legit? An Unbiased Look at the Outdoor Giant!

by Fraser

When it comes to buying outdoor goods, are one of the big dawgs. But are they reliable? Are they trustworthy? 

After hearing various accounts, I decided to delve deeper!

Is legit?

Here are my findings…

A Quick Overview Online Retailer Online Retailer

  • Free Shipping over $50
  • An Extensive Product Range 
  • A generous 366 day return period on most products


Evo is an outdoor sports and lifestyle retailer that specializes in ski, snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, and mountain bike equipment, as well as apparel and accessories. Founded in 2001 by Bryce Phillips, Evo not only offers products online but also has brick-and-mortar storefronts in select locations. Beyond being a retail platform, Evo is known for its community involvement, hosting various events and promoting outdoor sports culture.


Evo stands out as a highly reputable outdoor sports and lifestyle retailer. They offer a massive range of products both online and in in-store. With a history rooted in community involvement and a general positive vibe from their customers, it's safe to say that Evo is a reliable retailer for quality gear and apparel. They're particularly great for Snowboard and Bike Gear


Huge Product Selection: offers a massive range of products from trusted brands.

Pre-Order Availability: Evo are often the first retailer to list next season's gear!

Physical Storefronts: Their brick-and-mortar stores are great for those who prefer to try before they buy, or discuss their needs with an expert in person. 

Price Match Guarantee: The company offers a price match guarantee, meaning if you find an item for a lower price elsewhere, they'll match it!

Informative Content: Beyond selling products, the site offers extensive guides and tutorials, a testament to their commitment to the sports community.

Good Customer Support: My interactions with their support have been super prompt and helpful. Many online reviews have mirrored my experiences. 


Shipping Delays: Like many online retailers, some customers have reported delays in shipping. I noticed these were mainly around the Holiday season, so order early!

International Shipping Costs: For customers outside the US, shipping can be on the pricier side. It's always best to factor in these costs before making a purchase.

Stock Issues: A few customers mentioned that they purchased items listed as "in stock", only to find out later they were backordered.

Who are

For those who aren’t familiar, is an online retailer specializing in ski, snowboard, wakeboard, skateboard, and mountain bike equipment and apparel.

The company was founded in 2001 by Bryce Phillips, a professional skier. Since then, it’s grown significantly, adding physical storefronts in Seattle, Portland, Denver, and Whistler.

Rather than just creating another e-commerce platform, Phillips’ goal was to cultivate a community for enthusiasts like him. Over the years, has not only become a hub for top-notch equipment and apparel but also a place where enthusiasts can share knowledge, experiences, and their passion for outdoor sports.

My Experience and Research

Personally, I’ve had a super smooth experience with the platform. My orders were promptly delivered, and the products were genuine.

But that’s just one side of the coin. To provide an objective review, I delved deeper into other customers’ experiences and consulted various review platforms and forums.

1. Trustworthiness: A Closer Look at User Reviews

In the age of digital shopping, customer reviews have become the new word-of-mouth. So I delved deep into online forums, review platforms, and even social media.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the company’s dedication to quality products and exceptional customer service.

However, as with any large retailer, there were a handful of dissatisfied customers. Common complaints centered around shipping delays and stock discrepancies. 

I noticed these were mainly around the Holiday period – perhaps they were taking on more orders than they could handle? Maybe something to consider when ordering your gear… avoid mid-December!

That being said, it’s essential to note that while these issues are valid concerns, they do not necessarily reflect the overall reliability of the company.

2. Reddit's Take on

Turning to Reddit, the hub of public opinion, I found a bunch of threads discussing

Redditors, known for their candid and unfiltered feedback, generally gave favorable reviews.

Many users shared personal experiences about successful purchases and applauded the platform for its product range and customer service.

reddit snowboard logo

However, as expected, there were a few individual complaints, primarily about shipping and stock issues. The main concerns were from customers who have ordered gear, only to later find out it was out of stock. 

Of course, with companies the size of Evo, there are bound to be legitimate stories like these. I noted several times in which Evo had responded, apologising and stating that the last item had been bought from a physical store – before they had chance to remove it from the site. 

Personally, I’d forgive them for this. But you might feel otherwise?

Overall, the Reddit community’s consensus leans towards a positive endorsement of the platform, with a sprinkling of cautionary tales to remain an informed buyer.

3. Online Security and Transparency

Another crucial aspect I took a look at was the site’s online security. In an age of cyber threats and data breaches, ensuring a platform is safe for transactions is paramount. uses advanced encryption techniques to protect user data, providing a secure environment for online purchases. They’re also transparent about their practices, with clear terms and conditions and an easy-to-find privacy policy, further bolstering my confidence in their legitimacy.

Evo's Community Commitment

What struck me most during my research was’s commitment to its community. Beyond being a retailer, they’ve established events and initiatives that cater to the outdoor sports community.

From hosting film premieres to setting up camps and clinics, it’s evident that their involvement is genuine. Furthermore, their dedication to giving back, through partnerships with non-profits and community service projects, showcases a brand that’s genuinely invested in making a positive impact.

Evo Alternatives

Sadly, our previous favorite retailer The House has now closed its doors. This put’s Evo firmly in first place when it comes to ski and snowboard retailers. 

However, in the unlikely circumstance that they don’t stock the product you’re after, you could try REI or Backcountry*.

*Backcountry have a great product range, but their previous attempts to bully small grass-roots businesses are pretty hard to overlook!


While no company is without its issues, the depth of positive feedback, combined with’s clear commitment to its community, put many of my initial reservations to rest.

With this comprehensive look, it becomes increasingly clear that is more than just a retail platform; it’s a genuine community hub for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

So much so, that we’ve officially named Evo as the best place to buy snowboard gear online.

Have you got any compliments or complaints for us to investigate? Drop them in the comments section below.

Happy riding!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored article, nor did Evo approach us to write it. However we do have affiliate links on the site and may earn commissions from products sold. That being said, we only ever recommend retailers and products that we personally support.  

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