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At What Age Can You Start Snowboarding?

by Fraser

Snowboarding is a favorite pastime for people young and old. If you’ve been on the slopes recently, you’ve probably even seen grandparents and young kids carving down the hill. But at what age can you start snowboarding? 

There’s no specific age at which you can start snowboarding. You can start whenever you’re comfortable enough to try. For some people, this can be as young as two or three years old, while others prefer to wait until they’re older. If planning to teach your child to snowboard, the most common age to start is between five and seven years old.

This article will look at what age you can start snowboarding and some things to consider when figuring out when you or your child is ready to begin learning.

What Age Is Too Young To Start Snowboarding?

We’ve all seen toddlers out on the ski/snowboard hill. While it’s fantastic to see, you may wonder if they are ready to be out on the slopes yet or if they’re too young

Is there really even an age where it’s too young to start snowboarding?

Well, the Burton snowboarding website says it best…

“If they’re old enough to stand, they’re old enough to stand sideways.”

Aside from infants who cannot do basic movements yet, there’s no precise age that is too young to start snowboarding, as long as you take the proper safety measures

Toddlers can snowboard as young as two years old if you teach them the fundamentals early!

This video from Snowboard Addiction gives some great tips on how to prepare for snowboarding with a toddler: 

The main things you’ll want to remember when snowboarding with a very young child are the same safety tips you would follow whenever you bring them to do any outdoor activity in the winter. These include:

  • Make sure you keep them warm.
  • Keep them protected from the sun.
  • Bring plenty of milk, water, and food.
  • Have access to a bathroom or changing table. 

Should I Teach My Toddler To Snowboard Young?

That’s entirely up to you!

No one is too young to snowboard as long as you are up for the challenge. Make sure you or your kid is physically capable of standing on the board and getting the required lessons, and you can definitely teach your toddler how to snowboard. 

Here are a few things that you should remember before teaching your toddler to snowboard:

  • Make sure you get the proper lessons. 
  • Don’t rush them onto hills that are too challenging. 
  • Communicate with them and ask them how they feel.

Snowboard fanatics such as myself are at risk of pushing their little ones to start riding a little too early. However if you talk to your toddler and they tell you they’re ready to learn, get them out on a snowboard!

The Best Snowboard For 2-Year Olds?

We’re in the process of testing this out. Watch this space!

What Is The Best Age To Learn To Snowboard?

Whilst it’s possible to teach your kids to snowboard from around two-years old, this is generally reserved for snowboard-obsessed parents with easy access to the mountains. Your average casual snowboarding family will likely have a better time waiting a few more years before trying to impart their snowboarding wisdom.

The most commonly accepted best age to learn to snowboard is 7-years old. At this age, children have the motor skills and balance required to successfully link turns and snowboard independently. They also have a low centre of gravity and a keen sense of adventure; both of which lend themselves to learning to snowboard.

If you simply can’t wait that long to start riding with your kid… scroll up! Snowboarding is possible at almost any age with the right motivation and patience.


If you’re reading this because you’ve just welcomed a new little shredder to the family – congrats!

It won’t be long before you’re lapping the park with your whole family.

If you’ve found this article helpful, check out an even more helpful article and choose your next snowboarding destination.

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