My sister bought me That’s It, That’s All for my birthday; I’ve watched it twice this week. She also bought me this season’s Absinthe movie, Ready, for Christmas (wow, I’m easy to buy for).

Of the two, I much prefer Travis’ movie, it’s pretty sick. Despite being a big Absinthe fan (futureproof, more, optimistic…), I wasn’t blown away by their production this time.

I’d like to review both of these when I get back, if I can find the time. In the mean time however, if you’re thinking about buying a snowboarding DVD soon, I’d recommend That’s It, That’s All. It is a bit different to the regular snowboarding film, but definitely worth it. The camera work is great and the riding is awesome.

I’ve got this season’s T.Rice Lib Tech board, in the 153. I’m even more stoked to ride it now, I can’t wait. I was checking out the stance options last night and pleased to find a good range. The widest is 25″, then 23.5″ and then 22″, I won’t bother with anything narrower than that. 25″ is to ghetto for me, so I’ll probably start out at 23.5 and see how it rides. Sick!

As an aside, That’s It, That’s All features MGMT’s song, Kids. I was contemplating using that as the music for my Fernie footage, I’m glad I didn’t now. Great song, but it’s a bit of an unwritten rule not to use something someone else has already picked out.

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