There are three films that I’m already really excited about seeing this season. The first, which I’ve previously mentioned, is Absinthe’s Optimistic.

The second is an all girls production by Runway FilmsLa La Land. I found out about La La Land on the megadasher site and was totally impressed by the riding in the teaser. It looks pretty sick! I’ve really enjoyed previous all-girl snowboard movies, especially DropStitch and As If. I reckon La La Land’s gonna be good – here’s the trailer.

The final film is the new movie shot at the DC Mountain Lab. I don’t know whether there’s an official trailer yet – as I read recently on (the awesome) Pierre Wikberg’s blog (more on that later) that the music hasn’t cleared yet – but there is something on YouTube showing a few variations. The first DC MTN.LAB was so good I’ve got to see this new one! Here’s that YouTube video…

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