It really feels like the season is getting started now. The new Blue Tomato catalogue arrived through my letter box earlier this week, with a host of new goodies to look at. Then, WhiteLines arrived yesterday with two free DVDs: Futureproof, which I’ve seen before, and C1RCA’s “It’s Time” skate DVD.

I watched the Circa flick last night and I was pretty impressed – there’s some really nice skating on there – and I like the soundtrack too. If you’re interested and you didn’t get a copy with WhiteLines you can get it from their website. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my spare Futureproof copy – maybe a free give away on afterbang 🙂

It feels a bit weird actually, just as the season is starting I’m off on holiday for a week, and it’s not snowboarding. I’ve got a pretty long flight ahead of me so I also picked up this month’s Document Snowboard along with OnBoard. Document Snowboard looks good; there’s an article in there about Team GB which I’m looking forward to reading.

I haven’t yet flicked through OnBoard – but it did come with a DVD: Danny Wheeler’s skyrocket. It feels like Christmas 🙂 I’m gonna watch that tonight.

WhiteLines’ Friday Fix has started up again as well. They’re really good – perfect for a Friday afternoon. With all this activity I just can’t wait to go riding – but the question of where still remains. I still don’t know where I want to go this winter.

I guess I’ve got a week to kick back and think about it…

Take it easy.

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