It really feels like the season is getting started now. The new Blue Tomato catalogue arrived through my letter box earlier this week, with a host of new goodies to look at. Then, WhiteLines arrived yesterday with two free DVDs: Futureproof, which I’ve seen before, and C1RCA’s “It’s Time” skate DVD.

I watched the Circa flick last night and I was pretty impressed – there’s some really nice skating on there – and I like the soundtrack too. It did raised the question, why do snowboarders have their hair sticking out of their helmet? If you know, please inform me!

If you’re interested and you didn’t get a copy with WhiteLines you can get it from their website. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my spare Futureproof copy – maybe a free give away.

It feels a bit weird actually, just as the season is starting I’m off on holiday for a week, and it’s not snowboarding. I’ve got a pretty long flight ahead of me so I also picked up this month’s Document Snowboard along with OnBoard. Document Snowboard looks good; there’s an article in there about Team GB which I’m looking forward to reading.

I haven’t yet flicked through OnBoard – but it did come with a DVD: Danny Wheeler’s skyrocket. It feels like Christmas 🙂 I’m gonna watch that tonight.

WhiteLines’ Friday Fix has started up again as well. They’re really good – perfect for a Friday afternoon. With all this activity I just can’t wait to go riding – but the question of where still remains. I still don’t know where I want to go this winter. Possibly Australia?

I guess I’ve got a week to kick back and think about it…

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