So we were taking a look at the kickers dotted around the park area in Laax. Man, the landings are steep! Real steep. Each set includes two kickers. The smaller of the two isn’t exactly small, but it’s do-able.

Anyhow, while the skies were still clear up on the hill, Martin and I headed over to check one of the hits out. The group was waiting so we had time to take one run through to have a look, and then one hit.

After running past the kicker looked nice, not to uppy, but not your flat cheese wedge style either. The landing was still the steepest that I’d ever seen.

So we’re deciding who’s gonna hit it first and then a guys turns up. We asked him where to set off from: “straight from here” was the reply. So he did maybe half a speed check and then spun a five or something.

He shouldn’t have said that. No way. We hit it straight from where we were sat and totally over-shot the landing. Straight airs. Martin was up first, and from the top, it just looked like he glided over the knuckle and down the landing. I hit it next, and as soon as the landing came into view I crapped it.

We’d both landed well down the landing, and when it’s dropping away so fast it’s pretty scary. A lot of air time. A pretty hard slam ensued.

So with the recent conditions we’re waiting for things to clear so that we can go back and get it nailed. Hopefully some footage to follow…

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