Today was a blue bird day – clear skies and the sun out. Glad I bought a new pair of budget goggles! I reckon there was about 15 cm of fresh snow up there, maybe 20 cm in places. It made an excellent change from the last two low-visibility days.

So we spent almost all day riding off-piste. In Laax/Flims there are off-piste areas on the piste map, which is pretty much what we stuck to.

Early on we caught a few fresh lines, but later in the day the snow was still good, real good. It was great fun. We got a small amount of footage, which was cool. Again, I’ll probably be sorting that out later on when I get back.

There’s the chance that tonight will bring around 20cm of fresh snow and maybe more during tomorrow, making it overcast. In fact, some of the people here are planning to take tomorrow off, which if I follow suit, will be the first day that I’ve taken off since I started riding.

But there is some method to this madness. To start off with, we’re heading out this evening, actually just about now as I write this. It’s gonna be a late night. Also, with our first allocation of a 6-day pass running out today, and the possibility of a bad weather day tomorrow, having a day off in the middle might not be a bad idea.

But the key is Sunday. Sunday is scheduled to be a clear day, with fresh snow due to the fall tonight and tomorrow. What’s more, we’re setup to do a guided tour on Sunday, with around 20 – 30 km of off-piste covered. Maybe resting up is a good idea?

From what I’ve heard, oragnised through Snowmotions, this Safari Tour should be excellent! I should have more to say on this as I know more. We’ll be beepered up, shovels, probes etc. I can’t wait.

But let’s not forget today, it was a sick day riding…

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