Shred Edit from the 2011/2012 Season

by Fraser

Our website is seasonally quiet over the summer months (if you live in the UK you’ll know that it hasn’t really been much of a summer). Likewise, I haven’t snowboarded since getting back from Les Arcs (France) in March…

However, I did finally get around to editing the footage from last season. It’s been nagging at me for ages, so last weekend I sat down and put it together in a single session.

All the video was taken with the GoPro HD Hero 2 – and it’s a mix from both trips: Breckenridge and Les Arcs.

About the music. One night at a bar, back in Les Arcs, this pretty funky tune came on. Turned out it was from Parov Stelar – the song was called The Snake. That was the first time I’d heard their music; I decided then that I wanted to use on of their tracks. In the edit below, I used the song Baska Brother

“Electro swing” – it’s different sound for sure – but after getting a bunch of their music, I like it. They’re worth checking out.

About the riding. I’m fairly pleased with how I snowboarded last season. That was the first season riding after breaking my leg pretty badly. And before that I’d been a bit up and down, especially riding kickers. It’s encouraging – but also shows me a bunch of things to work on. And of course there is always the feeling: “I should have went bigger” 😉

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