Savvy skiing: How to save money on your next trip

by Fraser

Once regarded as the most premium type of getaway, it would be fair to say that skiing has gradually become much more accessible over the years. Sure, there are still examples of chalets in the Alps costing gross amounts of money, and there is most definitely an audience for this type of skiing holiday.

At the same time, there is an audience for the opposite. Through today’s article, we will take a look at some steps you can take to knock down your costs as you prepare to get on the slopes.

Consider driving to your destination

This first point will naturally vary depending on where in the world you are based.

However, even though ski stations might be based in the mountains, it doesn’t mean to say that you always have to take a flight. Quite often, when you have factored in transfers (or car hire), fuel, airport parking, baggage fees and more, the cost will be astronomically higher than driving directly.

Check out your nearest ski stations using something like Piste Pro and assess the likelihood they will receive snow at the time you are traveling. From there, you can plan your route.

Bring your own food

If you’ve never visited a ski resort in the past, brace yourself for the costs. Basic supermarket items are a fortune to purchase, while the same can be said for the local restaurants. It means that you need to think outside the box and ultimately, bring your own food.

If you’ve opted to drive from your home country, you can flood your car full of food from home. If not, find a supermarket before you ascend the mountain, as these will be considerably cheaper than those based in the station itself.

Don’t leave the gear until the last minute

Like anything related to the slopes, late purchases can wreak havoc with your finances.

This could not be truer when it comes to the equipment. Whether you are hiring skis, ski boots, helmets or snowboards, make sure you arrange it before you arrive. The cheapest option is to pick something up before you even get to the mountains such as your own ski boots.

The next best thing is to book your gear online. Quite often, the savings are huge when compared to the price on the door, so to speak.

Of course, if you happen to be planning several trips, weigh up the price of buying your own equipment. However, this is usually only advisable if you can drive to your resort of choice, as it can cost a small fortune with budget airlines to take equipment as baggage.

Be shrewd with your lift pass

You might arrive in the most optimistic of moods but try and act sensibly when you get to the lift pass office. If you’re starting out, you probably don’t need to buy a pass that covers the whole station. Instead, there are often ones that cover just the lower lifts, and this can be all it takes for beginners. There will be plenty of time to buy the full lift pass when you are tried and tested on the slopes later on!


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