Quality Snowflex: Bearsden vs. Halifax

by Fraser

I’m pretty amped up at the moment to go snowboarding but in the UK, we’re very limited with places to practice.  For me, when it comes to snowboarding in the UK, if I want to practice my airs, I prefer a snowflex slope. Actually, what I mean is that I prefer Halifax over Castleford and Chill Factore. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like riding on the indoor slopes – I do. Castleford can have some excellent rail setups. And on certain nights/events, both places can make excellent kickers.

But for consistency, when it comes to the kicker, Halifax produces every time. The kicker is always there…


Halifax ski centre

But unfortunately, shredding at Halifax can be annoying. I’ve been there when the main lift isn’t working; the smaller tow drops you off at the wrong side of the slope. I’ve also been on really dry days and the sprinklers simply aren’t good enough. It could be a lot better. And these things count when you’re driving a good distance to be there.

So I’ve been thinking about trying the slope at Bearsden, in Scotland.



What’s the difference with regards to distance?

  • Halifax: 116 miles, 2 hours 7 minutes
  • Bearsden: 161 miles, 3 hours 7 minutes

So google maps puts the Bearsden slope 50% further away. To be fair, driving 2 hours to ride some plastic at Halifax sometimes seems a bit crazy. 3 hours up to Scotland for some dry slope? I’m not sure.

But if the slope is better, the sprinklers work and I think they’re adding a rail park, maybe it’s worth it?

I’d be interested to know if anyone has ridden both slopes, or at least, has ridden the slope at Bearsden and can drop a comment regarding the quality of the snowflex…

It’s worth thinking about. Back in 2007 I made my first four visits to a snowflex kicker and in that short amount of time my freestyle progressed nicely. I’d like to kick it into another gear again.

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