Morzine Day 3: Ups And Downs

by Fraser

Today was great. It started so good. A pure blue bird day, really warm. We spent the morning lapping the area under the Prolays lift in Avoriaz. They’ve moved the park (I think) from the Arare spot to run in parallel next to the Stash. It’s still big, like the Arare park was (is? not sure if it’s gone… I haven’t been up there), but there are some nice features in there. Makes for a really good run.

Ciara got her first proper grab; indy. She’s kinda grabbed before, but this was nice. I was so pleased. She just stomped it. A nice hit from the side of the piste. Awesome. I was getting some decent air and starting to get back in the swing.

We went for a bit of a cruise after lunch; I wanted to check out one of the runs in the Linga area, for possible rock features/drops. On the way over there I think I dropped the best frontside 180 I’ve even done.

Then it all turned a little sour. In the space of 30 mins, I managed to tweak my back and bust my ankle. Is tweaking your back something that happens to older people? 🙂 Actually, the base of my back is a little weak, so this is kind of a re-occurring thing. I was so annoyed; all I did was ride into a dip and then over a bump. Didn’t even leave the snow, it was the compression and then extension that caused a twinge.

Not the end of the world, but on the way back to Avoriaz I managed to stretch my left ankle. Just riding down the piste, albeit pretty fast, actually I was horsing it, a guy veered to the right and I needed to slow down quickly. It was my fault, I made a judgement and got it wrong. It was fairly choppy and I ended up with that bounce you sometimes get when you try to hammer an edge on and it gives way as you encounter a bump. On the toes, it really shocked my ankle.

Immediately sore, but I was still able to snowboard all the way back. Since then it’s really stiffened up and I’m limping. Cack. Can’t believe that I’ve done two lame things and managed to injure both my back and ankle. But I guess that’s snowboarding. It happens.

So it was up and down today. It started so well, a blue bird, the first time we’ve snowboarded with Ciara’s brother. Good jibbing (on my jib board of course). Good air. And then an injury.

Not sure what I’m going to be like tomorrow. Right now I’m not too optimistic. It hurts. But I am in the mountains. Ciara is riding well. It’s all fun. I’ll sort it out. I’m tired, good night.

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