Morzine Day 2: Better

by Fraser

A couple of beers and a few glasses of wine… don’t expect too much 🙂

Today was much better. Easyjet worked, for a start. We arrived at Geneva, on time, hopeful for some afternoon shredding. Slight delay as people were gathered for the transfer. Then we were off.

Transfer was smooth, drop our stuff off at the chalet, not taking too much notice of the introductions, rushing to get up on the hill. By the time we’d unpacked the essentials, got dressed, we were at the ticket office for around 2:45pm. At the top by 3:00pm.

So, a twelve day pass and a half-day just for this afternoon? It turned out that a 13 day pass was cheaper, so that’s what we ended up with. (I’m skipping over the queue-rage that Ciara experienced with some guy who pushed in. LOL).

We hooked up with Ronan (Ciara’s brother), and he was pretty much done for the day. Being eager, Ciara and I left them sipping on hot chocolate to get that 1st run in.

Wow, 13 months without strapping in leaves you a little rusty. 5 minutes later, things were starting to settle in.

New bindings. Nice. Toe strap was too long to the point that they weren’t worth doing up. I’ll adjust them before tomorrow. Time was precious today. New gloves. Nice. Not much to say there, hands were dry and comfortable.

We got 4 runs in. Not bad for the late start and it almost made it feel like a regular 1st-day. Warm up run and then twice through The Stash. Rusty. Can’t ride rails straight. Near misses.

Last lift at 4:30, back to the top. Home run down all the way to Prodains. We’ve been here before. La Kinkerne. Ciara and I supping beer. Sweet. Pre-arranged collection from the chalet people at 6:00pm. That’s novel. I like that.

Hot-tub looking over Morzine and the Plenney. 3 course meal. Not bad, I think we can get used to this…

Weather? It’s a good base. It rained this morning, although we weren’t here, you could tell. The snow was a soft and wet in places. Board digging in when you’re looking for an edge. You know the score. It snowed late afternoon. Is it raining in the town? New snow on top is always good. Off-piste? I hear the snow-pack is a bit unstable with the changing temperatures. We can worry about that later.

First day, some nice hits bobbing up in the stash. Great stuff. Put down a pretty nice fs3. Make that a five? So it wasn’t a normal 1st day on the hill, but we were stoked all the same, and it’s ended well.

Snowboarding’s great…

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