Morzine Day 6: Still Resting

by Fraser

I’m still resting up, in the Chalet. Bummer. That’s 3 days now. I think I’d be happy if I can shred all of next week, from Saturday or Sunday onwards, that would be cool. If it’s later than that I’ll probably end up grumpy 🙂

I even researched whether I should try skiing again. Which prompted the question of whether skiing is dangerous for beginners. Turns out that it is! So i’ll bide my time (moodily) until I can ride once more…

It’s snowing though, which is good. I wouldn’t say the place desperately needed it, but the top-up is welcomed. It would be nice if I could get back out there to some fresh, that would be cool.

My ankle is getting better each day: the swelling goes down a little, the range of movement increases and I can walk more comfortably on it. Now for example, I can stand on one leg (the bad one), and bend a little. Not much though; that’s painful. The things that’s troubling me is I simply don’t know when to go up and give it a go. I’d be mad if I went too soon and set the whole thing back. Especially when I’ve potentially got a full week to look forward to.

So today is rest, and tomorrow probably too. Unless it’s clear skies. In that case I’d like to go and maybe try to get a nice photo of Ciara. That would be fun.

I spent a little time yesterday extending my limited knowledge of the camera controls. I remember last year some of the mountain-shots I took for the guide were over-exposed, so I needed to figure out how to prevent that. It turns out exposure-compensation is easy.

The D60 also makes it easy to spot over (or under) exposure, which is good because simply looking at the image on the small screen isn’t always enough. So if I take a quick photo in a given situation, I can adjust if necessary.

I’m also going to start capturing raws; last year I didn’t and that was a mistake. I probably could have adjusted the images afterwards quite easily, had I the full data. It makes me wonder though whether one is better not adjusting the exposure at all, and only manipulating the histogram afterwards?

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