Morzine Day 1: False Start

by Fraser

4:15pm, Ciara and I arrived at the airport, full of beans, stoked.

Flight Cancelled.


Seriously gutted. Technical fault or something, no other flights leaving for Geneva today. Get on the web, any connections to get there? None. The best chance was a BA flight to Heathrow and then on to Geneva. 25 minutes between the scheduled landing time and following take-off. The lady at the desk advised against it, and she was right, there’s no way that would have worked. Plus, chancing your bags with a connection at Heathrow is ill-advised.

Starbucks, latte, cake. Cancel the transfer to resort. Slight depression. Back in a taxi home. Damn it.

We’re on a flight tomorrow morning at 7:45. We should get into resort at around 13:00. Enough time for shred in the afternoon? Probably. We’ll try, even if it’s just a couple of hours. Even if it’s just for those first-day apres beers 🙂

We’re at home now, kinda don’t want to do anything, just get to bed, wake up and get back to the airport. Chin up. Day 2 will be better. Snowboarding soon!

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