Mid-Week Eye Candy: Intermediate Jibbing Tips

by Fraser

In this Eye Candy we’ll take a quick look at a trick tip video aimed at some “intermediate” jibbing tricks. It’s part of a much bigger trick tip program that covers the full range of freestyle ability: Snowboard Addiction. I’m currently using these video tutorials and rate them highly. Read on and take a look at the outline video…

Learn(ing) Intermediate Jibbing Skills

Snowboard Addiction are producing a lot of fresh content ready for this season – building on the core of their freestyle program by adding tutorials for things like the halfpipe, street-style rails (park features) and hips.

The latest addition is aimed at Intermediate Jibbing, which covers boardslides, frontboards, both lipslides and both 180s out – all on street style rails. The outline is below.

This is actually some of the tuition that I’ve been using to help progress with “intermediate” rail and box tricks. The last time I was at Castleford, lipslides were one of the tricks I was working on; I built up to doing lipslides on the downrail…


The 50-50 to shuffle technique works nicely. For example, the first session that I tried lipslides, I moved direct from a backside boardslide to a frontside lipslide. Before putting a couple of clean ones down I had a few hairy attempts where I clipped the rail with the back of my board. One of them ended in a tasty slam.

In the most recent session however, I put in a few frontside 50-50s with a boardslide shuffle before the first lipslide attempt. Much smoother that time – for three reasons that I can think of:

  1. It got me dialed in with the right height
  2. It conditioned me to get above the rail before moving into the boardslide (don’t clip the rail on the way up)
  3. I found that doing a few 50-50s into a shuffle first, helped me get my body at the right angle for the rail. No toe-edge catches!

Three stomps in a row. Result. The whole Snowboard Addition program is excellent – it’s definitely helping my freestyle progression nicely.

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