I read an article in Document Snowboard a while ago that recommended making your own snowboard movie as one way to keep the fun of snowboarding going.

It totally does. Well, that’s what I think anyway. Not only is making the movie fun, watching it back with your friends later is even better.

We recorded a fair amount of footage this season in Laax: most of it on the hill, but quite a lot of just fun-stuff too. Each person is editting their own section ready for inclusion in a group DVD. It’s kinda nice to tinker on with a mini project as the season is fading out. It should be fun!

I’ll post some of the sequences on here, as and when they’re finished. I’ve only just started to look at the footage, so it could be a while before I produce something. But to start things off, here’s a compilation of some slams, courtesy of my sister…

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