Top 5 Areas In Lake Tahoe For Snowboarding

by Fraser

One of the best snowboarding spots in the United States — or in the world for that matter — is Lake Tahoe. Period. Situated between the borders of Nevada and California, the surrounding Lake area presents a host of opportunities for antsy snowboarders and skiers.

The area receives anywhere from 300 to 500 inches of snow during the Winter months, which creates beautiful slopes. And if you’re located in the Nevada side, you can hit the casinos at night to get your (legal) gambling fix, just like a betting site like BetOnline — only in-person at state-of-the-art facilities (more on this shortly). It’s a win-win for a Winter vacation!

Are you sold yet? We thought so! For those interested in making Lake Tahoe their next snowboard-cation spot, here’s the top-5 areas alongside the lake you need to know about:

Lake Tahoe is split into two regions — North and South. Each features distinct resorts that are perfect for snow sport lovers.


Northstar California

Locals in the area separate Tahoe by north and south regions. As the name hints, this resort is located on the north end. Northstar sets the bar high for the entire lake. Many visitors that flock to the resort are quick to compare it with being in a village near the European Alps — that’s the type of vibe it gives off.

When it comes to actual boarding, Northstar features more than 100 unique trails. Get to one of those trails by using the 20 chairlifts inside the resort and you’ll stay busy for days at a time.


Palisades (formerly known as Squaw Valley)

You can’t help but associate history with the formerly-named Squaw Valley — and not in a bad, dated way either. You see, Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics (the sight of “The Miracle On Ice”). You’ll see plenty of remembrance for the Games while in the area, but believe us, the area and facilities inside of it are now modernised too.

Snowboarders and skiers can enjoy a vast amount of real estate to practice their sport here too. Palisades has about 3,600 acres of board-able land, 29 ski lifts, and over 170 trails. All levels of boarders are welcome here too — whether you’re a first-timer or a grizzled veteran.


Sugar Bowl

Also on the north side is Sugar Bowl, which is a short drive from the Bay Area. It doesn’t have the “wow” factor of Squaw or Northstar, but that’s what makes it stand out. There’s fewer tourists here so less crowds occupying the slopes and ski lifts. If all you care about is hitting the slopes as much as possible, the Sugar Bowl might be your best AND care-free bet!


Heavenly Mountain

Heavenly is located in South Tahoe, right near the city of South Lake Tahoe — the biggest of the entire area (whether north or south). City-slickers that want to stay near the “action” and casinos typically flock here. The “stateline” that separates California and Nevada is where most of this city action be found.

Moreover, Heavenly is also reserved for more serious skiers and boarders — not novice ones. It contains 4,800 acres of trails and 1,600-foot drops, which is a paradise for many enthusiasts. If you happen to reach the peak of the mountain, you’ll be treated to “heavenly” views, perfect for your next Instagram post.


image by

This is the type of view where Heavenly Mountain draws its name from. The entire lake is visible from up high on the slopes.


Kirkwood Mountain

Last on our list is Kirkwood. It’s even further south than Heavenly, which makes it dangerously close to the city of Sacramento — an easy travel location for visitors. A distinct factor about Kirkwood is its steep altitude, which all but guarantees top-quality dry snow. And if you thought Heavenly had death-defying drops, you’ll really like the 2,000 vertical drop-offs found here.

The best thing about Kirkwood — it’s location deep in the mountains — is not only its best quality, but at times, its worst too. If a snow storm is passing by, good luck getting in or out of there. So if you’re coming here, you’ll need some luck in timing the travel just right.


Lake Tahoe seriously is the complete package — no matter what resort or area you’re setting up as your “home base.” Any snowboarder will enjoy a stay in the area!

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