How To Use A Balance Rail To Improve Your Snowboarding

by Fraser

I’ve put together a simple video showing how I’m currently using the balance rail I built, to improve my snowboarding. The balance rail can help primarily with your jibbing: rails and boxes. You can work on your body position and balance on the rail as well as the movements used to get on and off. However, the balance and rotational movements used in jibbing rails will transfer to the other areas of your freestyle snowboarding, including flat land jibs, side hits and riding kickers.

I’m not claiming to be an expert at this. It’s an idea I picked up from the Snowboard Addiction lessons and I’m just playing around with some of the things that they cover. You’ll see in the video that I can’t do all of the things that I’m trying, my body position isn’t always correct, etc. So this isn’t coaching, it’s more like a demo of using a balance rail.

There is some commentary included 🙂 Sorry about the background noise, which makes it hard to hear some of what I’m saying. If you want to ask any questions, as usual, just drop a comment below…

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