Increasingly over the last year I have become more interested in the UK snowboarding scene. Originally I had seen one or two movies, but it was when I saw the talent on our indoor slopes, and some clips from Standing Sideways that I was really grabbed.

Do other people know how good some of our indoor riding is – specifically rails? Do they even know that we have indoor slopes? How will our riders make the transition to international snowboarding? And how will they get on?

Since then I have seen first hand some British action in the Protest Jib Vid contest, earlier this year in Tignes. And of course, there was the Winter Olympics…

We have a strong scene here in the UK, with talented and dedicated people.

So, I was really happy when I read Document Snowboard magazine – there is a lot of focus on UK snowboarding. What’s more, the article on Team GB is pretty inspiring.

The stoke continued as I moved on to White Lines. The editorial hits the nail on the head – with what it’s like to be a British rider. And the interview around the new UK flick The Playground tells of a UK crew taking a different direction for British film making – it’s exciting!

It’s good to see our magazines focussing on our home scene – it can only be good for British snowboarding.

I’d like to get more involved myself…

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