Follow Me Down Snowboarding Movie

by Fraser

Relentless have put together a pretty interesting film – Follow Me Down. It’s not your regular snowboard movie – in fact there isn’t a great deal of snowboarding in it. What you do get to see though, is two freeriders, Jeremy Jones and Xavier De Le Rue, go snowboarding in Antarctica. Alone. No helis. It’s pretty extreme stuff.

It’s documentary in style, with Jermey and Xavier talking about both snowboarding and this expedition to Antarctica. There are some great quotes from Jeremy Jones:

  • [at a young age] “All I wanted to do was be a dishwasher and ride Jackson Hole everyday.”
  • [more recently] “I wasn’t getting the buzz with the helicopter, as I was if I went and hiked what I rode…”
  • “…My season started turning into one 5 star heli lodge, and the next, and the next…”

I’m pretty certain that hiking in Antarctica counts as earning your lines 🙂

There’s some great cinematography in this, the shots from Antarctica are awesome. Jeremy and Xavier have shredded together before. They clearly respect each other, have a similar outlook, and trust each other, which is necessary when you see some of the terrain that they’re hiking.

Don’t expect bangers, don’t even expect crazy powder, but expect to be impressed…

  • 21:40 – 22:00: It’s a bit different to you and your mate ripping down the piste…
  • 38:00: It’s tense! This ain’t no slackcountry. Amazing, even if it’s not super soft, deep pow…

Listen to them talk, watch them explore, it’s inspiring.

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