Tuesday: We headed straight up to the kicker this morning. It was still in good shape and there was a good dusting on the landing, which was encouraging. I hiked it a few times to smoothe out the run-in and then Mart and I started to session it…

We had the unfortunate job of having to turf a couple of guys off. You see, after being there for around 15 minutes, two guys rocked up and decided to hit up our kicker. At this point I was still getting the run in sorted, which was full of fresh snow. This guy takes a line, spins a wild three and then starts hiking back up. He walked straight up the run in – trashing it with every step. I asked him to use the boot pack that I’d faithfully put in the afternoon before! He was still drunk – so he said. Anyhow, after he hit it one more time Mart and I asked him if he would mind leaving it to us…

To be honest, they were ok about the situation. They understood. After spending a couple of hours building a kicker, sorting the run-in out and laying in a boot pack, it’s bad craic for someone else to rock up and session it; especially without asking. That’s just the way it is.

After that it was a good morning. Hiking a kicker isn’t easy work, and with just two people, if you want some shots and photos, there’s some waiting around. But it was so much fun. Pleased with our creation we tried some decent airs. I think we got a few nice clips – not all makes by a long shot – but good clips non-the-less.

It was hard leaving it. We knew that once we did others would circle in like vultures and shred up the landing. It’s so true.

But here’s the crazy thing. As the morning went on, the landing got better. It was snowing pretty hard, so each jump was counter-acted with fresh snow. So sweet. We left the kicker at around 13:30, and as we set off down the hill we were riding fresh! Can you believe that? Session a kicker and all the while the snow is building up. That’s Fernie at its best!

We had a quick bite and then headed back up to shred some of the soft stuff. I can’t believe it. Taking some laps we spotted quite a few people taking runs at our jump – but it’s fair game once we leave it. Shame. I’m hoping the landing will be super soft tomorrow; maybe try to spin some fives.

Fresh snow in the afternoon. 15 cm deep on top of the piste. So much fun.

To top it off, the apres beers were all that. We’ve met up with some of Mart’s friends in resort and today was their last day. They’re staying in the up-market Lizard Creek Lodge, so after beers we headed over to their out-door hot-tub… words can’t describe! Lying in a hot bath, beer in hand and looking straight up into the black sky while the fresh snow continues to fall. Awesome.

Here are some photos and clips from the kicker:

Building the kicker. Read our article on how to build a snowboard jump to make a similar one.

Arriving at the kicker this morning – you can see a good dusting of fresh snow had fallen overnight.

Rockstar energy drink on chill.

This is the state of the kicker when we left it. You can see that a good amount of fresh snow was falling during the session.

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