Monday: We built a kicker this afternoon. It was a good time to get some construction going because no one was particulalry feeling it after lunch – so building a kicker was time well spent. The landing in the spot we chose was ok. Not great, but not bad considering it’s been a while since a substantial snowfall.

It was actually snowing as we were building, and the hope now is that fresh snow will fall overnight and soften up that landing some more… we will find out for sure tomorrow morning.

It didn’t take too long to build, maybe an hour and a half in all, including getting the run-in sorted and taking the first hit. There was a natural mound for us to use to we had slightly less to shovel. It turned out pretty good.

I hit it up first and was surprised by how much air I got. It’s a little whippy and it sure does kick you up. You can get some decent air. Mart and I tried a few straight airs, then I thought I’d try popping a front 3…

The lip kinda caught me off gaurd as I rotated and sent me a little corked. No doubt I wasn’t as off-axis as it felt, but half way round I was fairly scared – I thought I was gonna land on my head 🙂 But the rotation continued and made it all the way ’round. Maybe I’ll have to try doing that on purpose! I’ll post the footage soon

We’re hoping to get a good session going tomorrow morning, and hopefully some good shots/clips to go with it.

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