What Is A 1440 In Snowboarding? (With Video Examples)

by Fraser

Snowboarding is even more fun when you start learning big aerial tricks. One of the most popular trick categories are the rotations. A 1440 is a great (extreme) example of that! But what is a 1440 in snowboarding?

A 1440 in snowboarding is a trick in which the rider spins four complete rotations in the air before landing. It’s a popular variation on a snowboarding classic called the 360, but is much more difficult due to the number of spins required. 

This article will look at the 1440 and how you can use it in snowboarding. Read along to learn more! 

Alternatively, check out how to nail a cab 360!


How To Safely Perform A 1440 Snowboarding

A 1440 is not an easy trick. 

In fact, plenty of pro snowboarders still don’t have this dialled in. 

To perform a 1440, you’ll need a pretty huge jump to launch from. Why? Because it’s an airborne trick, you’ll need ample airspace to perform the stunt before landing.

Here are a couple of things to consider about performing a 1440:

  • Know your limitations. It’s an intense trick that requires an incredible amount of skill. Even veteran Shaun White was hospitalized when trying a variation of the trick called the 1440 triple corkscrew. 
  • Choose the right jump. You’ll want to choose a jump with the proper kick and enough slope so that you can ride away successfully. Halfpipes and large kickers can be suitable for this.
  • Use an airbag first. If you’re serious about this, it would be super sensible to send it into an airbag first. These minimise the risk and will give you an idea if you’re anywhere close. 
  • Build up in a stepwise approach. This is essential! Checkout what I mean below…

Similar Snowboarding Tricks To The 1440 

Because the 1440 is a descendant of the 360, any trick that involves multiple rotations is in the same “trick family”. 

It would of course be sensible to work up the rotation list in order. For example 180 –> 360 –> 540 –> 720 etc.

I discuss this in detail (including video examples) in the cab 360 article linked at the top!

It’s also common to pair this trick with others, such as:

  • Corkscrews
  • Grabs
  • Riding Switch

What Does A 1440 Look Like In Snowboarding?

Enough of me yammering on! 

Let’s check out some tape. 

As you can see, it looks hella scary. 

You’ll also note that Max Parrot opts for a “rodeo” variation of the 1440.

This basically means he’s backflipping during the rotations. 

It’s actually often harder to send a 1440 on-axis (without tilting) due to the rotational and gravitational forces at play. 

Most riders will therefore send “corked” 1440’s. Which are absolutely insane!


Hopefully that’s everything you need to know about a 1440. 

I’d strongly suggest learning some less insane snowboarding tricks before tackling this hurdle. 

But if you do happen to nail it, you absolutely need to send me the footage. Like, immediately!

Happy riding folks. 

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