Best Time to Buy Snowboard gear guide

The Best Time to Buy Snowboard Gear: A Helpful Guide 2024

by Ben

If you’re one of the 7+ million snowboarders in the US, it stands to reason that you’ll occasionally want to update your board for maximum shreddin’ potential.

But should you time your purchase to get the best value for money? Actually, yes. 

While there are no rules about when to buy a new board, there are better and worse times of year to do so.

So, allow me to guide you through the best time to buy snowboard gear

The Short Answer

The best time to buy snowboard gear is during end-of-season sales, typically from February to April in the Northern Hemisphere and August to October in the Southern Hemisphere. Another perfect window is during pre-season promotions or major sale events like Black Friday. While timing is essential, choosing a reliable retailer is equally crucial. These are the best places to buy your snowboard gear.

Hopefully that answers your question? If not, keep reading my inquisitive friend…

Why Timing Matters

Availability and price vary significantly depending on whether you pull the trigger in the first or latter half of the year. 

Try to strike a balance between getting the right board, and getting the right price. Easier said than done, right?

Quick Tips on When to Buy Snowboard Gear

1. End of Season Sales

The classic, age-old strategy for scoring your snowboarding gear is the end-of-season sale. As winter winds down and spring starts singing, retailers clear out last year’s models to make room for next season’s stock.

This usually happens between February and April. Although the range may be limited by this time, the prices are hot, often discounted by 50% or more. If you’re not super fussy about owning the latest and greatest, this time is golden.

2. Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Ah, the shopping holidays! Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The post-Thanksgiving madness is the perfect time to upgrade your snowboard gear.

It’s just before the season kicks off, so you can still get the latest models. However, a word of caution: these deals get snapped up faster than fresh powder on a sunny day. Have your list ready, and maybe practice your speedy online checkout skills!

3. Pre-Season Sales

Here’s a pro tip: many local shops will have pre-season sales in the fall, typically around September. While they might not offer the deep discounts of end-of-season sales, you’ll benefit from a more comprehensive selection and still enjoy some price cuts.

4. Demo Days and Swap Events

Ever wanted to try before you buy? Many ski resorts host demo days where brands showcase the latest gear. Not only can you get a feel for new boards, boots, or bindings, but they often sell these lightly used items at the end of the day for a fraction of the price.

Swap events are another treasure trove. These community-driven events allow folks to buy, sell, or trade gear. If you’re lucky, you might find a gem at a shockingly low price.

Learn More About Demo Snowboards

5. Off-Peak Times

If you’re in no rush, consider shopping during the off-peak times like mid-summer. While selection might be more limited, you’ll often find retailers offering discounts just to move older stock. Who’s thinking about snowboarding in July? You are!

Money No Object?

If you’re more concerned about getting the right board than you are about getting bang for your buck, you won’t need to prioritize times when products are on sale.

Instead, you’ll probably find the best range of products pre-season, which is usually during fall. 

money no object - buying a snowboard
Is that Shaun White?

While this might be in September, October, and November in North America, remember that countries in the Southern Hemisphere might have summer and winter the other way around, so their fall will come around March and April. 

Unfortunately, though, you’ll tend to pay full price at this time of year. But if hitting the slopes with the latest, most high-tech board is your priority, buying pre-season will be worth it!  

The better snowboard retails do tend to have discounts and sales all year round, so check it out in pre-season – you might get lucky with some cheaper products. You could also try our snowboard gear price finder, which compares prices at the 100 top retailers. 

When to Buy for Discounts

Naturally, in the pre-season period retailers have no need to reduce prices as they know the snowboards will sell anyway. 

This means if you’re looking for discounts or sales on your snowboarding gear, you’re better to buy when there’s less demand. This tends to be in the spring and early summer months, so the best time to look is anywhere between March to September. You might have to be less picky about board choice though!

When Do Snowboards Go On Sale?

Snowboards typically go on sale during end-of-season clearance events, which occur from February to April. Retailers discount their inventory to make room for new stock. 

Additionally, notable sale events like Black Friday in late November can also present opportunities for discounts, despite being at the onset of the snowboarding season in many regions.

black friday snowboard sales

Online vs. In-Store

More than 60% of snowboard purchases are made online, so if you go down the eCommerce route, you’re in good company. 

But is buying online better than buying in-store? It depends, really.

In general, online stores tend to have more frequent sales than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, and days like Cyber Monday encourage eCommerce stores to discount their items significantly. 

That being said, sometimes you just want to get up close and personal with your board before parting with your money.

Ultimately though, if selection and price are your priority, buying online is usually better.

When are the Best Months to Buy a Snowboard?

When considering the best months to buy a snowboard, the idea is to balance availability of the latest models with the goal of snagging a fantastic deal. Let’s navigate through the calendar and pinpoint the optimal times:

1. February to April (Late Winter to Early Spring)

Pros: Retailers start marking down current season snowboards to clear out inventory. These end-of-season sales can have discounts ranging from 20% to even 70% off.

Cons: The downside is that the selection starts to dwindle, and popular models or sizes might be harder to find. You might also have to wait till next season to ride them!

2. Late November

Pros: For those who have their eyes on the latest model, the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend is a golden opportunity. Many stores offer significant discounts on current season boards.

Cons: Popular items can sell out quickly, and the mad rush is a bit overwhelming at times.

3. September to October

Pros: Some shops receive the new season’s stock and offer pre-season sales to create buzz (it’s 20% off certain brands at currently). It’s a great time to get newer models at a slight discount.

Cons: The discounts might not be as deep as end-of-season sales.

4. June to August

Pros: Shopping off-peak can lead to some unexpected deals. Retailers may drop prices further to clear out any lingering inventory before the new models arrive.

Cons: The selection can be severely limited, and you might end up with older models.


If you’re prioritizing a bargain, aim for late winter to early spring. However, if you want the latest model and are willing to pay a little extra, keep an eye on pre-season sales and Black Friday deals. 

Second-Hand Snowboards

With a second-hand snowboard, you tend to be buying directly from the seller on a third-party site like eBay. This means that prices won’t fluctuate in the same way they do from a national retailer. 

That being said, sellers may still adjust their prices to take demand into account. 

In this case, you’ll probably find that prices are cheaper out of season. You might also stand a better chance of negotiating a cheaper price if buying in spring or summer rather than fall or winter. 

I talked all about this in our guide to buying a used snowboard

A Note on Buying Demo Boards

And while we’re on the subject of buying secondhand boards, you don’t need to restrict yourself to buying off Craig’s List, FaceBook Marketplace, or eBay. 

In fact, you can often get a great deal by approaching snowboarding shops or rental stores and asking for their demo boards.

Much like a new car, dealerships get access to the latest cars, some of which are essentially used for test driving. Since they’ve got a bit of mileage under them, they’re available for a much cheaper price.

Best Time to Buy Snowboard Gear in the Southern Hemisphere

For snowboarders in the Southern Hemisphere, the best time to score deals on snowboard gear is from August to October, when retailers discount the end-of-season stock. However, for newer models at slight discounts, look out for pre-season promotions around March and April.

Additionally, global sales events like Black Friday in late November might offer deals, even if it’s during the off-season for southern snow enthusiasts.

So, When Is The Best Time to Buy Snowboard Gear?

So, bringing all this together, when is the perfect time to score that new snowboard? 

Well, the best deals typically roll out as winter wraps up and spring discounts emerge. It’s the trade-off between getting a fantastic deal but then having to sit on your hands till the next season rolls around!

On the flip side, if patience isn’t your strong suit (I hear ya), hitting the stores in early fall isn’t too shabby. Lots of new models hit the shelves, and the selection is pretty broad. Just don’t be surprised if your wallet feels a little lighter afterwards.

Happy shopping!

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