A while ago I mentioned that there were three films I was looking forward to seeing this season. It soon became four films when I read about In Short in WhiteLines (a couple of issues ago?).

In Short is a film by Blank Paper Studio/David Benedek. The previous productions, 91 Words For Snow and The Gap Session, have both been really good, so naturally I’m looking forward to seeing In Short. But the thing that makes it really interesting is that part of the film was shot in Halifax, on the dryslope. Awesome!

I haven’t seen the film yet, but I have heard one or two things about the Halifax section. To be honest, I’d like to keep it a surprise until I get hold of the DVD, so I haven’t bothered checking on YouTube for any clips. For that reason I won’t mention anything here… all I’ll say is that I heard it was done really well.

There is however a pretty sweet behind-the-scenes look at the film on the WhiteLines site. I don’t think it gives anything away about the final product, so I’ve embedded it here:

Actually, there are quite a few nice videos there. If you haven’t read it in the magazine already, the interview with David Benedek is cool. It’s probably interesting even if you have read the interview…

In an effort to avoid a new tie or some socks (actually I do need new socks) I’ve let family members know about my hunger for this DVD. Maybe that was stupid because now I’m waiting for Christmas? I’m not complaining though, just waiting patiently… In the meantime, at least I can watch snowboarding videos on youtube 🙂

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