are goofy snowboards different?

Are Goofy Snowboards Different? You Need To Know This!

by Ben

By now, you’ve probably worked out that you’re a goofy snowboarder. Congratulations, you just joined the better 30% of the snowboarding community!

However you probably have some questions.

For starters, are goofy snowboards different? 

Goofy snowboards are no different to regular snowboards. Goofy riders can use the exact same snowboards, just make sure that you set up your bindings accordingly. Goofy riders have their right foot forward and their left foot at the back. 

If you ride with a duck stance (the same binding angles in both feet) and a twin board, then your front and back feet are identical anyway.

If this doesn’t sound like your setup, here’s some pointers: 

  • If you have a directional board (a longer nose than tail) then ensure your right foot is set up at the front of the board. That way you’ll be riding with the nose forward. 
  • If you have different binding angles for each foot, again simply set up the angles you use for your right foot at the front of the board. 

Confused About Your Angles?

Don’t worry too much about this. A good place to start is the duck stance, with angles of 12 degrees on both sides. 

If you’re unsure what I mean about angles, this is how much your foot faces outwards, towards the nose or tail of the board. 

The best thing to do is read about the best snowboard binding angles for beginners. You could also ask your local shop to set up your gear when you buy it. Alternatively, consider renting initially.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully that cleared things up for you! 

If you’re a first time reader on the site – welcome. This site has loads of handy articles and should be a great place to pick up some snowboard tips.

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Happy riding. 

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