I don’t know about you, but once I start to like a snowboarding film, I also start to like the music. Half the time I’m sure the connection works both ways – if you’re liking the music you get into the film more easily. Once you’ve watched the DVD a handful of times the association sets in and no matter where you hear the music it makes you think of boarding… at least that’s how it works for me.

That said, it’s unsurprising that I really like the songs from the Afterbang soundtrack.

Anyway, onto the purpose of this post… I’ve noticed that quite a few people have stumbled across this site looking for the Afterbang songs – so here’s a list of the tracks:

  • “Once in a Lifetime” – Talking Heads from “Remain in Light”
  • “Agenda Suicide” – The Faint from “Dance Macabre”
  • “Just what I needed” – The Cars from “The Greatest Hits”
  • “Key Stroke” – Her Space Holiday from “Manic Expressive”
  • “I love you Ono” – Stereo Total from “Total Pop”
  • “Jerk it out” – Caesars Palace from “Love for the Streets”
  • “Deceptacon” – Le Tigre from “Le Tigre”
  • “Video Killed the Radio Star” – The Presidents of the United States of America from “Pure Frosting”
  • “Once in a Lifetime” – Talking Heads from “Once in a Lifetime”
  • “Scarlet Utopia” – Scott Sullivan from “The Crush Water Symphony vol. 1”

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