OK, so I’ve sorted out the flights for my summer trip – Les Deux Alpes (one of the best ski resorts in Europe for families).

but where am I going to stay? As I mentioned previously, I’m going out for 8 nights, Saturday through to Sunday. Although this is great for getting extra boarding in, it kinda throws a spanner in the works when it comes to accommodation. The problem being that apartments, chalets and some hotels are typically set up for blocks of 7 nights…

Last time I did this I cheated… we spent the extra night dossing down in my sister’s season-accommodation. So what are the options this time? Well, I heard about a really cool place called the Sick and the Mental Inn. It’s ‘budget’ accommodation during the summer to cater for boarders, mountain bikers, climbers… – and the best bit is that the atmosphere seems really chilled out. Bed and breakfast is 25 euros a night, and you can get an evening meal chucked in for an extra 5 euros.

I dropped a quick email to the guy running things, Lars, and with virtually no effort I was hooked up for 8 nights. 200 Euros. Sick.

The post should end here, but it doesn’t. Meanwhile, my boarding buddies were thinking along different lines. Renting a cheap apartment for two to three weeks with me staying there sometime in the middle. To be honest I was kinda set on the Sick and Mental Inn, but with an apartment booked, and for around half the price, I had to change things.

The accommodation we’ve gone for can be found through one of the main Deux Alpes sites – in the “accommodation” section. There’s a really good selection and it’s cheap. For example, you can get an apartment for 4 people, for two weeks, for 560 euros. It’s nothing flash, you know, the standard set up of a pull out bed and some bunks in the hall, but at the end of the day it’s 70 euros each per week…

If you’re interested and you go to the www.2alpes.com site be sure to check out the resort map. It’s a bit awkward – but the map does show the various apartments, hotels, lifts etc. As a result we ended up with an apartment right next to the main lift. Sweet.

All done, right? Not quite. My two summer-slacking riding friends, currently sunning it up somewhere in France can only commit to two weeks in the apartment, so I’ve still got to sort out my last night. I hope there’s room at the Inn 🙂

Anyway, I’ll let you know how those arrangements go, and I’ll probably do a review of the whole setup when I get back.

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